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We help enterprises be more efficient, connected, and transparent with our sustainable networking solutions. We do this by addressing your three core network services — DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, also known as DDI.

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What we do

Experts in network management.

We unlock your network sustainability and help you clear the most common hurdles in managing core network services through non-disruptive, widely compatible orchestration.

We give our customers the right tools to manage their core networking services simply and sustainably. Our customers are our priority, and we walk beside them to give advice, educate, and support.

Magnus E. Bjornsson
CEO, Men&Mice

Your single source of truth

Control all your DDI, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edge, through a single channel.

Deploy it in minutes

Our unique overlay solution means you can keep running while Micetro unobtrusively pulls data from your network.

Automate easily

Use the robust API to unlock DevOps capabilities for modern automation in your networks.

Scale to your liking

Whether you run a simple corporate intranet or a global network, Micetro will adapt to your needs.

Leverage multicloud

Enjoy native integration with cloud providers to enjoy unmatched network compatibility and availability.

Protect against DDoS

Redundant, platform-agnostic DNS management keeps your critical zone data safe and available.

From network to net worth

Get there faster.

Automate processes, migrate resources and reduce operational costs with Micetro by Men&Mice, a DDI orchestrator solution.

Micetro by Men&Mice

Manage operations in any complex on-premise, hybrid, or multicloud network environment, whether centralized or distributed, in the core or on the edge.


Natively extend the value of on-prem assets into the multicloud and beyond with Micetro's widely compatible overlay.

Network Automation

Enable automation and freedom of movement for network data between vendors and platforms with a single powerful API.

Network Security

Build enterprise-grade security with real-time synchronization, advanced disaster recovery, sophisticated reporting, and granular access controls for critical network components.

Virtual Appliances

Complement and support network strategies without the limitations and vulnerabilities of hardware components with unlimited virtual DNS and DHCP appliances.


Equip your staff with the tools, knowledge, foresight to elevate your network — take full advantage of our expert resources based on 30 years' worth of experience and daily practice.

Join industry leading companies.

Success story

Banking on automation.

By deploying and integrating Micetro by Men&Mice with their existing infrastructure, the OeNB network systems engineers improved systems scalability, added search functions and automatic error checking, achieved automation and consolidation of their teams' IP documentation, tracking and management, while preserving the network environment and the OeNB system of management.

The solution integrates into the way we work. Teams have more freedom to get on with their daily tasks. They don’t have to ask for permission or wait for help to do what needs to be done, yet they can only work on the parts of the network they’ve been assigned.

Thomas Zenz
Engineer, OeNB





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