Make better decisions with data-driven reporting.

With Micetro by Men&Mice you can track available assets, spot trends, discover vulnerabilities, and benefit from collecting and filtering data.

Report on valuable DDI data.

The advanced reporting module for building reports on valuable DNS, DHCP, and IPAM data from across your network. It enables users and administrators the ability to utilize, save and export for download a variety of report templates.

Your network's performance depends on making the right decisions.

Data-driven decision making is at your fingertips with Micetro's reporting toolset.

Customize and automate report generation about every DNS, DHCP, or IPAM object in your entire network.

Completely customizable
Enjoy historical data for every network asset, from IP addresses to DHCP scopes and DNS zones, with reports that are tailored with custom properties or events.
    High-frequency, automated reporting
    Create and run a virtually unlimited number of reports based on built-in templates or custom parameters, triggered by a schedule or meeting pre-set conditions.
      Aids business intelligence
      Use Micetro's reporting tool to list assets for reorganization, locate bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities, and aid business decisions like expansion.

        Comprehensive reporting to aid data-driven decisions

        No matter their job function, decision makers rely on data to track available assets and spot workload trends that affect the performance of the network.

        Clear and transparent reporting can expose security vulnerabilities or reveal human error in time. Business decisions benefit from comprehensive data deepening the understanding of network assets and their value to the company.

        Micetro by Men&Mice tracks and logs changes to every object in the system, whether as large as DNS zones or as small as single IP addresses.

        Reporting in Micetro comes with a range of built-in templates, and customization options to correlate data based on definitions and schedules that work for your organization.

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