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Evolve from your DDI vendor.

Before rebuying into a sticky present, perhaps it’s time to rethink how you can regain the freedom to adapt to a fluid future.

Can sticky DDI keep you stuck?

The hardware-based, hard-coded networks of today are quickly turning into the cloud-based, software-defined networks of tomorrow. Physical boxes are going virtual, rigid walls are becoming intricately woven webs. In this climate of rapid change, adaptability through agility and fluidity is key.

Though this shift from rigidity to flexibility is taking place on every level of IT, nowhere is its effect more evident than in the ‘sticky’ long-term investment of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI). Your organization’s choice of DDI solution depends entirely on your individual needs: each organizational scenario is unique. Some opt for sophisticated overlay software to deal with DDI challenges, while others prefer completely re-architecturing their DDI by replacing hardware infrastructure.

Software DDI solutions generally provide a perpetual license with access to DDI functionality, upgrades and services, while hardware DDI solutions require customers to migrate their operational data to the vendor’s own-brand black box appliances and commit to a product rebuy after 3 to 5 years.

Software or hardware aside, constant shifts in technology mean no organization’s scenario will remain static for long: the solution you have today may not be the solution you need tomorrow. Before rebuying into a sticky present, perhaps it’s time to rethink how you can regain the freedom to adapt to a fluid future.

Turn sticky DDI into fluid DDI.

Built on decades of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management expertise, the core flexibility of Micetro's architecture ensures the secure, fast and agile flow of an enterprise’s current and future DDI through:

Non-invasive deployment on top of existing servers, keeping network infrastructure intact.

Unparalleled core integration with Microsoft Active Directory Sites and Subnets.

Comprehensive support for BIND, Microsoft, ISC DHCP, Unbound, Kea DHCP and Cisco IOS.

Cloud dexterity with Microsoft Azure DNS and Amazon Route 53.

Automated, real-time synchronization of updates between individual DNS, DHCP and IPAM network components – no matter where they are located.

Granular AD-integrated role-based access management.

Most significantly, Men&Mice does not take ownership of an organization’s operational data. The highly adaptable Micetro by Men&Mice simply follows your data, keeping track of and managing it wherever it is, while granting you the advanced functionality to securely control, automate, track and synchronize your network administration.

Designed for the unexpected demands of a future of networking outside of the box, Men&Mice DDI solutions ensure your organization’s network doesn’t get stuck in the sticky of yesterday, when you can have the freedom to determine your network’s path into tomorrow yourself.

Prepare for a fluid future through migrating to Micetro by Men&Mice.

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