Defend your network against DDoS.

xDNS Redundancy reduces the risk of exposure due to single points of DNS failure, and enhances the successful mitigation of DDoS and other harmful DNS attacks.

Resilient DNS makes network operators rest easier.

Your network will be better protected with streamlined migration and management of DNS zones, utilizing cloud-native features to monitor and replicate changes in DNS.

Greatly improved synchronization and easily configured redundancies ensure that DDoS attacks and other DNS failures are mitigated and your network's resilience is maintained.

xDNS Redundancy is an important tool for your network uptime, and allows you to bulk migrate zones between environments, change authorization access, or switch vendors with just a few clicks or a single API script.

Do all this with xDNS.

Centralize your management

Regardless of how complex or multi-platform your network is.

Bulk migrate or distribute DNS zones

Works for any platform or vendor, between on-premise and cloud DNS.

Replicate and synchronize your data

This is done automatically so your network remains healthy and available.

Automate and customize processes

Benefit from Micetro's powerful REST, SOAP, and JSON-RPC APIs.

Mitigate damage

Avoid configuration errors, DDoS, and other costly DNS failures.

Apply fine-grained access controls

Improve control over your DNS and enhance team performance.

Simple and transparent
Use xDNS Redundancy to your advantage with smart data replication and failover, while still keeping consolidated, comprehensive view and management of your DNS.
    Layered protection
    You gain flexible cost and performance with native support for on-premise and cloud DNS platforms.

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