Discover all that Micetro can do.

See for yourself how you can future-proof your network with an API-driven, software-defined overlay solution. Keep your network data on-prem, or plug into Azure, AWS, NS1, Akamai Fast DNS, and other cloud platforms.

Micetro offers


Plug in your existing networks easily and without disruption


Quickly visualize bottlenecks and locate inefficiencies


Steer all your environments with a single, unified API

Cost efficiency

Pricing based on active resources


Keep your networks secure with role-based access control


Your network, your way: no appliances or pre-set control schemes

DDoS mitigation

Across multiple DNS platforms through the unique xDNS redundancy feature

System health monitoring

Real time utilization monitoring and network health alerts

DNS Workflow & Reporting Modules

Add-on DNS Workflow and Advanced Reporting Modules to streamline DNS tasks, scheduling and DDI visibility

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