Bring order to your IPAM.

Gain a complete overview of your network and prevent downtime caused by IP conflicts and misconfiguration with the powerful IPAM tools in Micetro by Men&Mice.

IPAM and Micetro.

Manage all your IP spaces

Keep track of your IPs, whether internal or external.

Highlight what bottlenecks your network

See utilization at a glance.

Identify rogue IP addresses

Track down possible security issues.

Automate IP assignments

Offer agility to dynamic environments.

Control and restrict address spaces

Make sure your teams have what they need.

Resolve and prevent overlaps and IP conflicts

Integrate new resources with ease.

IPAM as part of a complete DDI solution.

IPAM as part of a complete DDI solution benefits from not only the larger toolset's shared management capabilities, but native data sharing and cross-functionality. Micetro by Men&Mice enables intuitive workflows that take into account all aspects in utilizing IP assets to their full value. IPAM in Micetro shares the same robust object history and reporting features as any other component in DNS and DHCP. DNS record manipulation and DHCP operations are enriched with relevant IPAM data, which also provides deeper insights into utilization data for the IP address management side.

With the help of Men&Mice, we have mastered the challenges of IP Address Management (IPAM) and now have a healthy IP network in front of us.

Rainer Paul
Head of Systems Engineering, Vivantes

Why your enterprise needs IPAM.

IP addresses are the internet’s way of telling digital devices where they can find each other. Each device needs to have an IP address, either permanent (static) or temporary (dynamic) to connect to the internet. The methods used to plan, track, modify and manage how IP address spaces are used in a network is called IP Address Management, or IPAM.

IPAM is used by network administrators to gather critical network connectivity information such as the size and location of subnets, routers, IP address host names, IP address spaces and the related integration with DNS and DHCP servers.

Large enterprises without well-integrated IP Address Management risk running an unstable network environment, lacking the IP address overview and tools to prevent downtime caused by IP address conflicts and associated hardware misadventures.

Remove your dependence on homegrown tools or Excel spreadsheets, and give your network the IP address management (IPAM) it deserves.

Gain efficiency through visibility
Your global overview of all IP address data provides comprehensive system health monitoring and automation to assign, track, and manage any number of IP address spaces.
Manage your network your way
Define custom fields for various object types, from IP address ranges to hosts, from DNS records to DHCP scopes, with local changes automatically synchronized and visible in the single-pane-of-glass UI.

What you need from your IPAM.

IP address management in modern enterprise networks is an increasingly gargantuan task. A diverse range of network spaces across multiple platforms distributed to support global operations present unique challenges for administrators.

Homegrown IPAM solutions are becoming more and more time-consuming and error-prone. Their lack of standardization and compliance also carry significant security risks, with no clear chain of responsibility.

Modern IPAM needs to provide unobscured visibility across all IP assets, built-in automation to remove human error and cut down maintenance overhead, and a reliable support system and audit trail to remain secure.

Keep your network secure and accessible
Set up granular, role-based access controls with two-way Active Directory and LDAP integration to protect your critical IP assets from malicious actors and human error alike.
Move from fractured to unified network
Resolve your overlapping address spaces, management conflicts, and platform incompatibility with a backend-agnostic, unified management interface and API.

Overview and control with a multi-cloud integrated Men&Mice IPAM.

Cloud computing is quickly maturing into both a highly competitive alternative to on-premises infrastructure investment, as well as a crucial component of system redundancy.

When setting up base in the cloud, cloud networks at one, or more, cloud providers essentially become part of the corporate network. As a result, company network teams may typically have configured multiple company cloud accounts at each provider. This can lead to overlapping address spaces, and potentially harmful problems with allocating and managing address blocks for each cloud account.

Providing a holistic approach to effective cloud computing, Men&Mice consolidates vital IP Address Management data from AWS and Azure cloud instances, as well as on-premises networks, under a single pane of glass. Offering centralized views and integrated control, Men&Mice IPAM prevents overlapping address spaces, data management conflicts and other forms of cloud platform misconfiguration.

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