Boost DHCP performance and reliability.

Micetro by Men&Mice is designed to facilitate uninterrupted connectivity in any network environment and provide DHCP management for a wide range of servers within a single UI.

Modern DHCP management for the enterprise.

As part of the DDI trinity with DNS and IPAM, DHCP holds the key to the advanced automation of a network’s IP address functionality.

Each connectable device, from printers to cameras to desktop computers or smartphones, needs an IP address to get online. In the era of IoT and BYOD, virtualization and the cloud, networks are flooded with IP address requests from a constantly increasing number of fixed and mobile devices.

Without DHCP servers, all IP addresses would have to be assigned manually, leaving networks both slow and exposed to risks associated with human error.

We designed our DHCP management controls to facilitate uninterrupted connectivity in any network environment. Built to manage a wide range of DHCP servers within a single UI, we allow unlimited speed and reliability for your enterprise network.

DHCP Management with Micetro.

Scope monitoring

Always keep in touch with utilization.

Clean up concurrent leases

Keep your network healthy.

Lease history

Spot trends and identify problems.

Failover support

Be prepared and easily mitigate outages.

Automatic data replication

Prevent data loss and stay agile.

Scope Migration Wizard

Sail through migration with just a few clicks.

Integrate with your ISC DHCP, Windows DHCP, Cisco IOS DHCP, and Kea DHCP for speed and reliability through server discovery and IP lease offer, request and acknowledgement.
Maximum control, minimum disruption
Leverage powerful centralization, live migration, and real-time two-way Active Directory synchronization that enable your DHCP servers to be scalable, fast, and reliable.
Effortless DHCP migration
Maximize the value of hybrid environments with effortless migration of DHCP scopes and active leases across devices and platforms.
Flexibility with scripted assignments
An easily customizable single API brings together and automates the DHCP capabilities of whatever hardware or service you’re using.

What used to take quite a long time is now an issue of seconds or minutes. I can create a new network, turn an IP address range into a scope and configure the failover and it’s really quick and easy.

Daniel Döring
Systems Administrator, HBPO Group

Better network control through DHCP.

DHCP management is critical to enterprise network management.

Efficient distribution of the available network resources is key to ensure uptime, maximize performance, and avoid network congestion that can threaten business objectives.

With Micetro's DHCP management features, network administrators can take full advantage of DHCP servers and devices in the network, boosted by the seamless integration with DNS and IPAM.

Benefitting from the unified orchestration interface, managing DHCP in Micetro is streamlined, intuitive, and transparent. Automating DHCP operations is also simplified through the fully-featured API, regardless of the underlying technology, enabling network administrators to be more productive.

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