Level up your network.

Micetro by Men&Mice is a transformation-ready, automation-enabled, comprehensive DDI orchestration solution for your enterprise network, regardless of its location, scale or complexity.

Micetro is the hidden engine that drives networks.

Powerful digital networks form the undisputed foundation of all modern business, communications, industry, transport, government, health and education and social activity.

To most of us, these networks are as invisible and unappreciated as the inner organs that keep our bodies moving, breathing and living. We only take notice, often quickly and painfully, when they stop working.

Each network’s functional reliability is determined by the split-second interplay of the critical network trinity: DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management, also known as DDI.

Too often network outages or expensive downtime can be traced back to incidents related to the functioning within, or interaction between, these DDI components. While the quality of machines and technology can be said to drive network capacity and capability, it is a network’s DDI design and administration that determines its efficiency, connectivity, and security – and often makes, or breaks, a company’s performance.

Start your network transformation with Micetro.

Single source of truth

Accessible, browser-based interface for your entire DNS, DHCP, and IPAM.

Hit the ground running

Seamless, non-disruptive deployment that lets you keep working.

Use your network to the fullest

Platform-agnostic automation through REST, SOAP, and JSON-RPC.

Improve your DNS

Modern automation, secure redundancy, and multicloud migration.

Augment your DHCP

Live scope migration, active lease recovery, and failover support.

Enhance your IPAM

Enriched visibility, filtering, and high-frequency reporting.

See and manage every DNS zone you have, whether on-prem, in the cloud, both or somewhere else.
Simple, safe and effortless management capabilities across every DHCP server in your network.
Track subnet utilization, identify stale IP addresses, and manage allocation easily.

Micetro by Men&Mice closed the gap and enabled us to pursue our strategies.

Tom Ferris
Senior IT Officer, IMF

Your sustainable networking starts here.

Think about your network as an ever-growing orchestra, ready to play the symphony of your business objectives.

Micetro is your conductor: coordinating the different elements and ensuring that the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.

It is designed to support your dynamically scaling networks. Your most common hurdles in managing core network services are solved through the non-disruptive, widely compatible overlay.

Micetro pulls data from your critical network components unobtrusively, and facilitates much-needed communication spanning heterogeneous network environments.

With Micetro your organization's network can unlock sustainability by removing hardware bottlenecks and circumventing upgrade abuse.

Find out how Micetro helped HD Supply introduce sustainable networking with clarity, simplicity, and efficiency.

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