DHCP Software for Enterprises

DHCP Software for Enterprises.

Micetro´s DHCP Management Module neatly integrates with existing servers and data using common protocols.

Resolve common issues and manage network functions quickly.

The integrity of enterprise IP infrastructure (DNS, DHCP, IPAM), factors heavily towards the business’s ability to execute on operations and even generate revenue. Yet, there’s very little knowledge, outside of core IT departments, about the functions and responsibilities of the company’s network. Likewise, IT operators don’t always have the full scope of understanding about how network complexities can hinder business efficiencies. They're finding out that agility is becoming more important as networks scale or adapt to meet changing demand, with speed and simplicity proving equally valuable to the robustness of the DNS, DHCP and IP address management solution.

Using an overlay solution like Micetro will enable you to simplify workflow and minimize the complexities between you and the network, no matter which area of the network you are focused on any given day and no matter the underlying architecture behind it. Complete visibility helps you make informed decisions. Coupled with the flexibility to quickly maneuver, the solution you choose must enable you to adapt to changing needs without disruptions in network functionality.

Take charge of network infrastructure, security and speed.

With the robust and complete feature set of the Micetro and the built-in visibility it offers, you can tackle large projects and deep (re)organization all while getting a much clearer view of IP infrastructure management holistically. Micetro delivers the management power and day-to-day operational functionality through our light-weight overlay software, neatly packaged with a web application.

The web application is designed specifically for day-to-day operations where speed and agility is paramount. For example, you can quickly organize and manage DNS zones and records or IP address ranges, DHCP scopes and IP addresses. Its features are streamlined, to manage the most common tasks performed through Micetro with additional Quick filters and Quick command to further cut down time. You have the Windows management console as well.

DHCP Management with Micetro by Men&Mice.
Migrate DNS zones and DHCP scopes between servers and service providers.

    DHCP Management

    Micetro is designed to facilitate uninterrupted connectivity in any network environment

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    Micetro by Men&Mice

    Micetro by Men&Mice is a transformation-ready, automation-enabled, comprehensive DDI solution

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    Network Automation

    Micetro's network automation allows you to customize your diverse network, and export data or integrate multiple platforms and services with a single API.

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