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Network security

Network security through visibility.

Bolster overall network security through smart, optimized alignment of your network infrastructure, rather than add-on security features.

Obscurity breeds vulnerability.

Dynamic IP infrastructure challenges require dynamic DDI solutions. Complex, multiplatform networks are a hotbed for human errors leading to configuration errors and component failures.

The more complex the network, the less visibility is traditionally assumed, leading to blindspots and a compounding risk factor that can ripple into expensive outages.

Micetro provides a single level of abstraction that builds automation to eliminate human error. When you remove high-risk platform complexities (such as incompatible APIs) it increases your visibility and control over your networks.

Integrate with your existing configuration
Micetro works with your company's Active Directory or LDAP authentication, transferring the already approved and working security configuration onto your entire IP infrastructure.
    Granular access controls and full audit trail
    You can customize access controls for every asset in your networks to ensure their security and establish a clean and accessible object history.

      For network security, less is more

      Overly complex security can quickly turn against your intentions, and enable vulnerabilities to hide behind a confusing screen of procedure.

      Integrating all pillars of DDI under the same orchestration platform, you gain visibility that quickly reveals security risks and inefficiencies without increasing the management overhead of your infrastructure.

      Micetro takes full advantage of your existing authentication methods, making it easier to deploy and maintain access for users and teams. Administrators can rest easy knowing that security is well maintained.

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