Manage all your IP spaces with Micetro

Sustainable network management starts with sensible IP address management.

Smarter DD-IPAM

At the heart of Micetro is DDI data synergy, enabling smart interoperability between DNS, DHCP, and IPAM.

Explore relevant data
Micetro saves you time by offering shortcuts and data relevant to whatever you’re looking at.
    Utilize IP Insights
    Fields are auto-populated with the appropriate data, error-checked and context-rich.
      Built-in error-checking
      Remove human error before it has a chance to become a problem.

        Grow beyond the homegrown IPAM

        Modern enterprise network require modern enterprise network management. The days of the spreadsheet IPAM are over. Micetro offers a state-of-the-art, streamlined IP address management software solution that grows with your network.

        As your company scales, so does your network. BYOD, cloud, IoT and IIoT: just the current trends poised to complicate your network management. Staying afloat no longer suffices, you need to think long-term, sustainable solutions.

        IPAM automation

        Managing IP addresses numbering in the thousands, tens of thousands, or more can be time-consuming and error-prone.

        Micetro’s unified, backend-agnostic API unlocks automation that’ll save you time, eliminate human error, and plugs into your existing workflows.

        Write your own scripts, use automation platforms like Ansible and Terraform, and let machines do the work they were made to do.