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Today's high-tech and SaaS game changers operate at the bleeding edge of most of the world’s infrastructure transformations. To stay ahead of the pack, tech companies need their networks to be as agile as their product development and business strategy, fluidly adapting to diverse and unexpected challenges and innovation.

Charting the path to innovation.

Highly dependent on collaboration for success, the typically flatter tech hierarchy also means autonomous teams need secure access to their company’s network resources anywhere, any time and from any device.

These operational realities create very industry-specific challenges for a tech company’s IP address management. Autonomous teams tend to create diverse server environments, with testing environments taking on a dynamic network life all of their own. And in a technically advanced workplace, it can become a highly risky affair when too many DNS and DHCP cooks are allowed to get their hands on the servers.

Highly agile environments

need the widest range of support for DDI.

Superior efficiency and functionality

benefits from a consolidated overview of DDI data in an ergonomically designed UI.

Streamlining customization

with a beautifully robust, easy-to-use API.

Granular access and delegation

keeps the network safe and collaboration pleasant.

Automatic, real-time synchronization

keeps all teams up-to-date and on top of their responsibilities.

Effortless scaling

up or down, adjusting to the dynamic needs of the industry from on-prem to cloud.

Find out how our Fortune 500 customer achieved great savings and efficiencies by redeploying 80% of the staff previously dedicated to managing the DDI infrastructure.

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