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The explosive increase in online educational activity is further complicated by the flood of BYOD, the onset of IoT, and the steady migration of data and services to the cloud. The more dynamic networks are, the greater strain is placed on the unseen dynamics of network connectivity: the instant interplay between DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management.

Keep learning dynamic and networks stable.

DNS and DHCP services on educational networks tend to be highly hybrid. On any given network, you are likely to find an assortment of different Unix/Linux or Windows DNS and DHCP servers, as well as any array of public or private cloud services.

Without a unified overview or centralized access control, this diverse network topology poses increasingly complex challenges, threatening IP infrastructure stability and network uptime.

Learn how Texas Woman's University used Micetro to take control over a highly mixed environment of Windows and Linux servers, and reduced the user issues to virtually nil.

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