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2020: Top five blog posts

To mark the end of this extraordinary year, we’ve taken a look at what Mousepad content was most popular with our online readers.

Dec 22nd, 2020

These blog posts got the most page views in 2020, reflecting the subjects foremost on their minds, including networking sustainability, working from home, thriving in and after the pandemic, as well as saving money by investing in IT and innovation.


For any network manager interested in effortless transfer of data, seamless migration between platforms and uninterrupted service as she onboards a recent company acquisition, the answer is sustainable networking.

Why sustainable networking is one emerging trend companies cannot afford to ignore

At Men&Mice, we've always balanced flexible and fast-paced innovation with a very traditional and slow-changing niche market. And, beyond a world-class product, that balancing act is perhaps our most significant asset.           ‌

The best make us better

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us had to discover the concept of remote work. We thought we’d take a quick look at the famed localhost of and ::1, and share some best practices from the Men&Mice team on how to make the best out of working from home.

Working from

If your business wants to survive and thrive after the pandemic is over, connectivity needs to remain a top priority.

Recovering from COVID-19: transforming today’s networks for enterprise success tomorrow

As the way we work changes, it makes for a solid business case to invest in sustainable network solutions that increase capacity and connectivity, improve security, and bridge the incompatibilities of disparate corporate networks.

Why investing in IT infrastructure today will pay off in the future

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