New Release Announcement: Micetro 10.2

With Micetro version 10.2 we're giving even more control to the user with features like DHCPv6, custom properties, and more.

Feb 3rd, 2022

At Men&Mice our primary focus is making sure our customers have the capabilities they need to not only manage their DDI environment, but also give their customers the best experience possible. Version 10.2 of Micetro was released in February 3, 2022 with new DHCPv6 capabilities, new functionality within custom properties, and other improvements to the web UI which means even better operational experience for you and your teams.

Epic New Features

There are four main new features in 10.2, and these are all available in the web UI and the APIs.

  • DHCPv6: Enjoy the same level of management and visibility for dynamically allocated IPv6 addresses as you have with IPv4 and DHCP in your Windows environments. Toggle DHCPv6 management on or off by server or enable it on multiple servers at once.

As IPv6 adoption continues to grow, it's important to give our users the same control over the dynamic allocation of their IPv6 addresses as their IPv4. With version 10.2 of Micetro we're doing just that by bringing the same single-pane view and ease of use to DHCPv6 as they've enjoyed for DHCPv4. -Sigfus Magnusson, CTO

  • Custom Property Management: Custom Properties can now be managed through the Micetro web interface. Create searchable fields to track information about your DNS zones, DNS records, DHCP scopes, networks, IP ranges and other objects in Micetro.
  • HA Management: Administrators can now manage High Availability for Micetro Central by adding servers, defining priority, and executing failovers via the Web UI.
  • Reconcile DHCP Scopes: Manage DHCP scope reconciliation for Microsoft DHCP server from the Micetro Web UI to ensure consistency between the DHCP database and DHCP registry.

Deprecation of Servers

We'd also like to call a few other updates to your attention if you're planning to upgrade to version 10.2. The following operating systems will no longer be supported due to the end of support from the vendor.

  • Microsoft has deprecated support for Windows Server 2008 R2 and therefore Micetro will no longer support this OS
  • Microsoft has deprecated support for SQL Server 2008 R2 and therefore it will no longer be supported by Micetro
  • Micetro will no longer support 32-bit Linux Operating Systems

What Capabilities Are You Looking For?

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