Greg Fazekas

DNS & BIND Jump Start

With the changes that came with COVID-19, the Men&Mice Training Program is adapting and we're introducing our first online-only training course.

Apr 29th, 2020

For over 20 years since 1999, Men&Mice has been offering training for DNS (including DNSSEC), DHCP, and IPv6. We've held classes, both public and on-site private, on four continents for ccTLD (Country-Code Top-Level Domain) registry operators, world-wide DNS registrars, governments, and private companies in a wide array of industries.

With the changes that came with COVID-19, the Men&Mice Training Program is adapting. At the end of May, in 2020, we're introducing our first online-only training course.

Jumpstart your DNS expertise

This training course provides a concise introduction to running a BIND 9 domain name server.

It covers all modern protocol features such as EDNS, DNSSEC, Catalog-Zones, DNS-Cookies, and much more. Whether you already have some experience running a BIND 9 server or come fresh to the game, this course will give you all information you need to be a successful DNS administrator. During the course, every participant will be able to build and operate their own DNS server on the Internet with live data.

The course is split into three training days:

Day 1

Getting acquainted with DNS, the concepts and fundamentals of a DNS server and its most important facilities:

  • DNS basics
  • a quick look at DNSSEC
  • querying DNS with "dig"
  • DNS clients, resolvers, and authoritative servers
  • building and maintaining a DNS Resolver
  • BIND 9 logging
  • troubleshooting DNS

Day 2

Configuring DNS to your liking:

  • getting your own domain delegation
  • setting up a DNS zone
  • building resilience with secondary servers
  • easy DNSSEC with BIND 9.16 "default-policy"
  • completing the DNSSEC chain of trust
  • DNS server maintenance

Day 3

Diving into enhancing your DNS setup:

  • automatic DNS provisioning with Catalog-Zones
  • security best practices
  • DNS server monitoring
  • Q&A

The course is conducted by the same instructors hundreds of students have come to trust over the past two decades.

Reserve your jump-off point now

The first DNS Jump Start course will be held on May 25-27th, sessions at 09:00-12:00 CEST and 14:00-17:00 CEST.

Visit the course information page to sign up.