Migrating to IPv6

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The slow global adoption of IPv6 is largely due to every IPv6 setup being dual stack, supporting both IP4 and IPv6. Migration from IPv4 to IPv6 Therefore does not mean replacing IPv4 with IPv6 but, instead, enabling IPv6 in addition to IPv4.

This white paper shows how the IPAM features in Micetro by Men&Mice can be used to implement a holistic approach to IPv6 migration, making the process more transparent for network managers, as well as providing a critical tool to aid in the transition process.


What you get

  • Insights on how searchable custom properties in a contextual view will reduce the operational work of bringing IPv6 into your network
  • First steps on gathering information about which devices are actually present and in-use on your enterprise network and whether they’re IPv6 compatible
  • Suggested processes for tracking your migration progress
  • Informative recommendations on tracking modifications to more easily troubleshoot risky migrations

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