Highlight your network

Micetro shows utilization at a glance and in detail.

Stay on top of your IPs

Healthy networks require efficient asset management that’s transparent, agile, and intuitive.

Import IPAM data
Bulk import or update your IP assets, whether scopes, devices, or addresses whenever you want.
    Identify bottlenecks
    Recognize and lock down overutilized ranges before they choke your network.
      Remove stale data
      Clean up stale IP reservations before they become a bottleneck or security problem.

        Growing, but no pains

        Your network always grows, whether through mergers or acquisitions, investing in cloud utilization, or purchasing new equipment.

        Micetro makes integration easy with built-in import functions, automated error-checking and conflict resolution, and granular access controls.

        Automate BYOD and IoT

        Dynamic networks constantly see devices come and go, and need flexible BYOD and IoT policies supported by network management.

        Inflexible, manual IPAM can be annoying at best, or a serious obstacle for growth at worst. With the help of Micetro’s feature-complete and backend-agnostic API, you can implement sustainable and agile policies for devices that automatically maximize asset value, close attack vectors, and let your network breathe.